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Sharp Approach is one of the most experienced consulting firms in the CRM and SFA markets. We assist you in managing your sales force by implementing, deploying, customizing and training your CRM tools. With over 10 years of experience in the market, we can customize programs to fit your needs, integrate into back-end systems, or create custom .NET solutions.

As opposed to most CRM vendors, we don’t just sell you a product, we create you a solution. Through customization, Sharp Approach can provide your business with the tools it needs to run your operations more efficiently. We have helped create and implement Sales Processes, Sales Funnels, Quote Structures, Customer Tracking, Order Follow-up, etc. We enable your team to be more effective by making critical information available anytime, anywhere.

Sharp Approach can provide hands-on assistance with setup and maintenance processes, along with comprehensive training and support resources. Each of our CRM Certified Consultants has years of experience in designing databases and can automate your most time consuming data management procedures.

Each of our Engineers is versatile in a variety of languages. Visual Basic .NET, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, JavaScript, VBScript, and C# are just some of the languages we can use to accommodate your company’s needs. We can work two or three tier systems, and we are well versed in connecting to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, Universe, Informix and other database formats.

We design software that does what you want it to do. Our programs are effective, well built, and work for the purpose intended. Our goal is to make designs that are easy to learn, powerful to use, and effective in providing results.

Sharp Approach was founded in 1996 by Laurie Calzada. Bringing her 20+ years of experience in sales and IT together, she has created a solid foundation that focuses on the customer’s needs. Her vast experience in the CRM and Sales areas has assisted a plethora of fortune 1,000 companies in excelling in their industries. In addition to Sharp Approach, she owns two other companies. Sharp Connection is an ISP that offers data and website hosting to clients. Dynamic Approach assists companies and employees in finding their "true identity" by evaluating core values of the organization, focusing on improving the cultural environment, and assisting management at all levels in coaching and mentoring skills. In addition, Ms. Calzada travels and delivers keynote topics on Sales, Leadership, Change and Inspiring Passion.



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